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Services from the LYK Yachtbrokerage in Overview

Here you can see our main business services, but beside we are offering much more helpful things like financing, transport, refit, crew, selling yachts and ships for you, ... Its our task to assist you in any case. We make your dreams come true.

Mediation of new and used Yachts

Our main business is the mediation of new and used yachts in any kind of size, type, price and condition. If we know some requirements like length, material, design, budget etc., then the lyk yachtbrokerage is able to find the exact luxury yacht for private or commercial usage. This can be a 15 meters motoryacht or a over 100 meters megayacht. You can choose from a sailyacht, catamaran, fishingboat, powerboat, houseboat, superyachts, gigayachts, megayachts, trawleryachts and more. Actually we can offer officially roundabout 460 yachts, but over our worldwide contacts to manufacturers, yachtbrokers and network there be thousands.


If you don't like what is available on the market, then there is the possibility to order a luxury yacht which is completely new developed based on your wishes and imagines. This process is a little bit more difficult then for example a serial yacht, but its absolutely unique and special. Nowhere else on the world you will find the same yacht. We can organise finished 3D yachtdesigns, or we can develope it together with a shipyard

Mediation of new and used Ships

From our yacht business we have very much contacts to worldwide shipyards who offer also commercial ships like freighter, war ships, oil tanker, cruise vessels, catamaran ferrys, expedition ships, .... in any size, price, type and condition. If you plan to buy a new or used ship, then please contact us.

Selling your used Yachts and Ships

Another big part of our main service is to sell your used yachts and ships for a very good price. You can profit from our big network, very much contacts to other broker and rich people, listing in german website with more than 15.000 Visitors / month, experiance, ... This service starts from a length of roundabout 10 meters and estimated worth of 200.000 EUR, over that there is no limit for us. There be different reasons why people should sell their yacht, for example to grow up the size of yacht, the used one is to old and must repaired often, financial difficulties, giving up watersport as hobby, taste changes, ... Whatever the reason is, we be the right partner to sell your used yacht or ship shortly in time and best possible price.

More Services

Beside the main business of mediation we can help you with financing, insurance, berth, refit, crew, transport, ...
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If you need any help in case of buying or selling a yacht, then simply contact us.


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