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One of the fastest luxury yachts in that size of 30 meters length !

Normally big yachts reach a top speed of about 28 knots. This is not bad for sure, but the difference in quality and speed you can feel and see on some models. Inside this great luxury yacht you have very much living space for hole family and with all technical help its possible to drive with a little bit experiance without a captain and crew.

The maximum speed of this "rocket" is on water unbelievable 54 knots. Thats nearly flying and perfect for showing others you be the fastest one. Great also if you must reach different places in a short time. 3x 1900 hp MAN engines produce with MJP Waterjets a strong and agressive power. And advantage is the length of 30 meters, but its registered with length of under 24 meters. Check out upyourself those pictures and dream being the owner of it.

This dream can be true. We can organise for you nearly all yachts ( including this one ) on the market, please feel free to contact us.

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