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Huge custom luxury yachts from 0,35 to 2,5 millions per lengthmeter !

There be a lot of reasons why choosing a yacht from a very special manufacturer. Those can be quality, size, material, location of yard, brand and much more. But the biggest reason is of course the price. On money it depends how much of your wishes come true. The work of a mediator like LYK Yachtbrokerage is to find the best solution for clients, because you must choose clever. Not the cheapest luxury yacht or the most expensive must be the best decision. Before we make offers, the client must tell us something about his budget, wishes, for what he plan to use the yacht, location, a captain should be avoided or a complete crew is needed, material, ... Based on all those informations we can find the best solution for the client. Be sure we have worldwide very good contacts to yards and other yachtdealers.

Why choosing us ?

In any case we are speaking here from a lot of money for buying a big luxury yacht. Mistakes must be avoided, because you have only one try. With our help you save money and the chance to get the nearly perfect yacht is high. Have you known before that for example some yards in europe only finalise yachts they buy in foreign cheaper countrys ? Why you want pay 1,5 mio EUR per meter for nearly the same product, when you can have it for 0,5 mio EUR directly ? To know things like that you must be permanently working in this business, so please avoid any risk and contact us with your yachtproject.

Unbelievable offer for a huge luxury yacht

Check out this example of a yacht in great quality and 46 meters length. You can create your own interior and exterior design, choose motorization, equipment, etc. for roundabout 20 mio EUR plus vat. This is a lenth price of about 0,43 mio per meter. You can expect very high quality and a complete custom yacht. On the picture you see a more classical design, but more modern ones be also possible and available.

We can organise you nearly all yachts on the market, please feel free to contact us.

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If you need any help in case of buying or selling a yacht, then simply contact us.


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