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The LYK Yachtbrokerage is the best german company for mediation of new and used yachts worldwide including much other services. We have a great team with founder and owner Marco Sass who is marketing and sale expert, Bernd Duhnke who has over 15 years experiance in selling yachts, Mr. Khler who represents us in europe and Mr. Klomsdorff who represents us in arab emirates like dubai, abu dhabi, ... Alltogehter with a lot of experiance, power and love to yachtbusiness we make your dreams come true. Our services be reliable, honest, serious and fast. You can profit from our experiance, big network, contacts, 15.000 Visitors on our homepages per month and huge amount of yachtoffers. Actually roundabout 500 officially, but in behind those be thousands. Try us and become a satisfied customer.

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Ifflandstrasse 35, 30169 Hannover
- Germany -


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